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February 1, 2013

When Jen Shuber (Jennifer Cohen IAC 84-89) left Toronto, Ontario, to attend Interlochen Arts Camp in 1984, it was just the first of many journeys across the Canadian border to follow her passion for theatre and dance. She always knew she would bring that passion home to Canada, and that is exactly what she is doing now, working as a director and choreographer based in Toronto.

Jen first heard about Interlochen from Frank (IAC 57-59) and Millie (Lorman IAC 52, 54-59) Richmond, family friends who met as high school campers at Interlochen and later married. As Jen became more involved in theatre and dance as a child, they recommended that her parents consider Interlochen. “It was one of the best experiences of my life,” Jen says. Her six summers at Interlochen prepared her to earn a bachelor in fine arts from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and a Shakespeare certificate from London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and ultimately inspired her to pursue a career in theatre back in her hometown.

“It’s a smaller scene than New York, but it’s very vibrant,” Jen says of her work in Toronto. “We have a lot of theatre companies here, and it’s a great place to work. It was always my intention to come back.” Her recent work includes directing “Visiting Mr. Green” for the Harold Green Jewish Theatre and choreographing a Dora Award-winning production of “A Year with Frog and Toad.” In 2009 and 2010, she was nominated for the Mike Ockrent Fellowship by the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers in New York—the first Canadian to receive a nomination. She has worked with many Canadian theatre companies, including the Stratford Festival, Soulpepper, Cirque Du Soleil, Young People’s Theatre, Tarragon and Great Canadian Theatre Company. She also serves as a live entertainment consultant for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Jen’s commitment to the arts in Canada is fueling another passion these days: spreading the word about Interlochen in Canada. Canadians have been an integral part of the Interlochen community nearly from its founding in 1928; and there are now more than 2,000 Interlochen alumni living, working and contributing to the arts in Canada. Recently, Jen has played an instrumental role in helping Interlochen establish a new outreach, Canadian Friends of Interlochen.

“There are a lot of young artists up here in Canada who could benefit greatly from the kind of faculty that Interlochen has and could give back to the Canadian arts landscape and to our community here,” Jen says, pointing out that Interlochen alumni contribute to the arts in many ways, whether or not they pursue the arts professionally. Through Canadian Friends of Interlochen, Jen hopes to see more alumni and friends in Canada reconnect with Interlochen and each other and ultimately work together to build awareness of and support for Interlochen across the border.

Beyond the excellent arts education Interlochen offers, Jen cites two things that make Interlochen unique: the opportunity to interact with young artists from other disciplines as well as the experience of being immersed in the arts in such a beautiful setting.

“I think one of the things that was really interesting about Interlochen was having a major while also being exposed to other art disciplines,” Jen comments, noting that it’s something that affects her work even now. “It gave me a broader background in how I thought about the arts and the work that I do. That piece was really important to me. It gave me a well-rounded background in the arts.”

The opportunity to do what she loved amidst the lakes and trees of Interlochen has stayed with her as well. “There’s something special about being able to take a dance class while you’re overlooking the water, or walking through the forest and hearing music coming out of those huts.” With the establishment of Canadian Friends of Interlochen, hopefully many more young artists will follow in Jen’s footsteps to the woods of Michigan and back home to Canada.

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Soulpepper and 2013 news

2013 is shaping up to be another great year. Lots of projects to look forward to. Of note, I will be back at Soulpepper in 2013 working on Farther West with Diana LeBlanc and will be choreographing the revival of Extraordinary at Smile.

After a great meeting recently, I am really looking forward to the workshop of “Therefore Choose Life” in a few weeks, I love that I have been getting to work on so much new material lately. I think I have found my calling!

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Therefore Choose Life

I am thrilled to be directing a workshop for the Harold Green Jewish Theatre in January of “Therefore Choose Life” by Kathy Kacer and Jake Epstein. I had the privilege of working on the piece for HGJT as a reading a while back as a part of their “In The Beginning” Festival. I am looking forward to helping Kathy and Jake take the piece to the next stage.

Our cast has been confirmed and will include the talents of Avery Saltzman, Paula Wolfson, Jake Epstein, Trudy Weiss and Jessica Rose.

I also wanted to include a shout out to Jake Epstein on his new role as Peter Parker in Spiderman on Broadway. He will be coming in from NY for the workshop.

Can’t wait! I truly love helping to develop new work.

Thanks K and J!

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Romeo and Juliet and Joni

I haven’t blogged in a while. nike air max pas cher Here is an update….The workshop of R, Scarpe Nike Italia J and J was amazing and now I’ve finished directing the full production which is on tour.

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  • There will be a public performance in Toronto of Romeo,

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  • Juliet and Joni on Wednesday November 7th at 7:30 at the Walmer Centre close to the end of the tour.

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    Toronto Blue Jays

    This is my 8th season working for The Toronto Blue Jays.

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